Prime Management LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sidford Capital LLC (“Sidford”), is a multi-generation commercial real estate leasing and management company based out of Denver, Colorado.

Siford focuses on investing, repositioning and managing retail, office and industrial properties with an identifiable upside to create value. The firm employs a creative and flexible approach while weighing risk tolerance with potential returns. Sidford specializes in investing and managing properties located in and around Metro Denver. The firm believes that by focusing its investment activities in its immediate region, it can better respond to the needs of its tenants and the market.

Brad Brooks formed Sidford Capital in 2001 with the intention of expanding partnerships that have been active in the Colorado real estate market for more than sixty years. The Brooks family began acquiring real estate in the 1950’s, eventually becoming one of Colorado’s largest independent owners of manufactured housing communities. While that portfolio was sold in 1998, the spirit and experience of the Brooks family business continues today with Sidford Capital.

Sidford has maintained an excellent track record as it continues to manage and grow its real estate portfolio. All property management, general contracting and most property leasing is handled in-house. Having such a hands-on approach has enabled Sidford to thrive in strong and weak economic environments.

Today’s strategy is to take advantage of market anomalies that have been created as a result of different circumstances. Whether a property has not been managed effectively, leased aggressively, or positioned properly, Sidford underwrites each asset on an individual basis.

Sidford currently manages and leases over 750,000 square feet of commercial real estate owned. The ability to maintain multi-generation private partnerships coupled with the ability to think outside the box and be persistent has enabled Sidford to create successful opportunities.